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USA Real Estate Map

The Real Estate industry, although cyclical in nature, continues to expand. In addition, it has benefited greatly from the Internet. A few years ago, businesses started listing properties online with simple web sites, and it worked!

However, simple lists with large amounts of data alongside millions of competitive look-alike websites are no longer capable of attracting potential customers. Successful real estate marketing requires a more sophisticated and user friendly approach to data presentation. Through the innovative use of GIS, mapping and multimedia technologies, what was impossible several years ago, is now not only possible but very affordable. Thanks to Macromedia Flash technology, flash mapping services are now available online and accessible to everyone.

Commercial realtors require accurate and reliable tools to publish available properties online and present on the website (specifying region, county, state, and city).

USA Real Estate Map is a unique and amazing combination of vector-based cartography and real estate data. It is a tool that is very simple to use. We have applied best usability practices to develop the greatest interface for real estate maps ever designed.Our Interactive Real Estate maps are easy to integrate with database listings: both to specify the states and counties that should be active on map, and pass the selected county name or ID back, for further use.

USA Real Estate Flash Map  
Discount Price: $299
  • Order USA Real Estate Map now to get $100 Discount!
  • Install and configure in 5 minutes.
  • All standard map viewer functions: Zoom In, Zoom Out, Pan, Mouse over, and Zoom Layers.
  • Does not require users to download an Active X or Java applet, thus avoiding the delays and browser incompatibilities of some web map systems
  • Attach photos, a rich HTML description, and related events.
  • County and equivalent entity names are 100% FIPS 6-4 compliant
  • Bonus Pack! More than 80 ready-to-use background pictures in .swf format!
  • Bonus Pack! Flags of all USA states!
  • New! Show/Hide 3D Animation

Interactive real estate maps were developed to make large real estate listings simpler in use. With its 3D transformations, flash animation, fast loading speed, and simple interface, USA Real Estate Flash Maps became a part of many Real Estate listings transforming them to high-impact and rich Web content. Website users like them because interactive real estate maps help them find what they are looking for. Web masters love them, because the maps are easy to set up, and customize.

New updates are always available!

Features of this product

  • Set states/counties clickable or unclickable!
  • Define color scheme to fit your design.
  • Non empty areas are highlighted.
  • Possibility to show a specific state on load.
  • Set a unique color scheme, links, and click behavior for each state.
  • Pop-up summaries on mouse over state or county.
  • Textfield with map description.
  • Zoom and Pan tool added to improve usability and make the largest states easy to use (such as Texas).
  • County and equivalent entity names are 100% FIPS 6-4 compliantNEW!
  • Independent cities included in Virginia StateNEW!
  • Show/Hide 3D AnimationNEW!

Federal General Data Standard, Representations and Codes Compliancy

Counties and equivalent entities of the United States, its possessions, and associated areas are coded according to the FIPS 6-4 (Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 6-4). The standard is maintained by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census (Geography Division), and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It is prescribed for the collection, processing, and interchange of coded data by Federal agencies, and whenever requirements for such data are imposed by a Federal Agency on Industry, State or Local Governments, or by the public. Usage within agency data systems is encouraged when it contributes to operational benefits, efficiency, and/or economy.

This is why the Real Estate Flash Map is 100% compliant and can be easily integrated with the federal or commercial database. The delivered package also includes a CSV file with the county name, state and county FIPS, state and state abbreviation to assist with your data verification if required.

Independent Cities, Boroughs and Census Areas

USA Real Estate Map with Counties includes all US Counties, Boroughs, Census Areas and Independent Cities.

Independent cities should not be confused with consolidated city-counties, such as Denver, Colorado, the City and County of San Francisco, California or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In the United States, an independent city is a city that does not belong to any particular county. Because counties have historically been strong institutions in local governments in most of the United States, independent cities are relatively rare outside of Virginia (see below), whose state constitution makes them a special case. The U.S. Census Bureau uses counties as its base unit for presentation of statistical information, and treats independent cities as county equivalents for those purposes.

Configuring Flash Map is fun!

Installing and configuring USA Real Estate Maps is extremely easy and fun. Interactive Real Estate map with counties does not require any special software installed on your web server. It will take you only several minutes to do the following:

  1. Copy the map folder contents to your website folder
  2. Insert USA Real Estate flash map object to one or several HTML pages, where you want it to be shown (use any HTML editor or edit the code manually).
  3. Specify the name of your page, to submit the name of the state and county clicked.
  4. Change background image and color settings to meet your design style - state and county shape colors, opacity, mouse over settings and much more...
  5. Specify external data source, if you have the data for each county (Database, streaming channel, text files)
And that's it! Your map is working on your site!

Technical requirements

USA Real Estate Map is a standalone application, which works on any computer with a flash plug-in. You can run it locally, or upload to your website. No scripting language or database support is required.

How long should people wait for the map to load?

Interactive Real Estate Map with counties is only several Kbytes in size, so it loads almost instantly even for dial-up users. Without an image, National view is 50 Kbytes only. Each state loads separately, once you click it, and usually is between 10 to 30 Kbytes. This is a result of tremendous amount of work and employing of a technology to optimize map outlines (geometry primitives).

What else can USA Real Estate Flash do?

Real Estate Maps have two major goals:

  1. Allow users to easily select the area they are interested, and pass this area (State/county names) to a search results page.
  2. Use external data sources to colorize certain territories, show data on mouse over, mark active areas, hide empty counties. In such a way your website users do not just select the area, but also have a customized real-time flash map to show what is available today. Examples:
    • There could be some counties with no properties available. To make sure your website users don't click empty counties and receive "no matches found" you can send the list of active counties to the Interactive Real Estate map. Empty counties become inactive and non clickable.
    • Some territories have more real estate properties available in your database. It is possible to set up several colour groups, and assign a colour group ID for each county. This way USA Real Estate Map will colorize your spatial DB and allow more flexibility for real estate flash map users.
    • Your business has many representatives, who sometimes work in the same county. Let us submit this list to the USA Real Estate Map and show the names of representatives and other data on mouse over effects, colorizing counties and states accordingly.

USA Real Estate Map is truly interactive. It is used to visualize real estate properties or other data you have, and pass a selected area to a search results page. It adds more interactivity to your site, making it more outstanding, and simple to use. No more boring lists of states and counties.

We have created a unique Interactive Real Estate Map with all USA states and counties included for real estate business. Order your USA Real Estate Map with counties today!


USA Real Estate Map in Work!

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USA Real Estate Flash Map Manual
(Adobe PDF file ~1 Mb)
Connecting Map to a Database (Adobe PDF file ~200 kb)
Real Estate Map Pricing and Support

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