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Flash Calendar

Interactive Flash Event Calendar is a smart online flash tool, both simple and elegant, designed to represent Your personal and corporate events in World Wide Web:

  • Business Calendar (company news, press-releases, schedule meetings and corporate events)
  • Personal Calendar (holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, work, school, and much more)

Feature all your important information on the website and stop compiling long dull lists of events. Our Calendar allows you to enhance your website attractiveness by only editing a simple XML file or linking to a dynamic source of data .

Interactive Flash Event Calendar has two irrefutable advantages: it contains highly accurate and nice-looking Flash animation and is very simple to edit. One of the main purposes of the product is to brighten the web site with a vivid and animated element. Interactive Flash Calendar will certainly make your website more attractive, distinctive and memorable. Just choose the background theme that suits you best to make your site look much more interactive!

More over, our Interactive Event Flash Calendar has a multi language pack, and a possibility to set your custom names of the months, and days of the week.

If you would like a calendar in any other language, please, contact us!

Package type and license information Price Buy now!
Single License
You may have unlimited number of installations on one website. No source files included. $49.99
Discount Price: $29.99
Webmaster Package
Webmaster package gives you unlimited number of installations on 3 websites. MXP and All source files included! $89.99
Unlimited License
Unlimited license is ideal for ISP or Macromedia designers, who want to provide Interactive Flash Calendar to all of their customers as a service. $333
New Price: $249.99
Unlimited License Multi User
Unlimited license with multiuser support is ideal solution for corporate users. Create and manage unlimited number of user calendars within one administrtive areas. $369.99

Interactive Flash Calendar Features

General Features
New! Automated Installer
Small file size 21 kb
Flash Player version Flash 8
Delivered Files SWF, HTML, .Fla source files (for Webmaster and ISP license)
Free Support 2 months
Environment Internet/Intranet Webpage or local usage.
Multi Language Pack
English/US  German  Chinese  French  Russian  Spanish  Icelandic 
On Demand
Event Management
New! Administrative Area (Unlimited Licenses)
Number of scheduled events Unlimited
Events format XML
See sample file
Possibility to assign time for event
XML events file validation available DTD file, supplied
Extended event description
Multiple events per day support
New! Multiple days events
New! Repeated events
Week, Month and Year intervals
HTML formatting support
Possibility to redefine external XML filename
Attach an icon to event 16x16
Attach time to event
Mouse ever Tooltip with a list of events
Time and Date Calculation
New! Local time mode
New! GMT timezone mode
Year limit Unlimited, dynamic calculation
Current day auto detect feature
Leap year
Redefine long month names
Redefine short month names
Configurable 1 st day of the week
Sunday or Monday
Design and Interface Options
Interactive look and feel
CSS Support
Customized look and feel
Background color RGB
Background image Jpeg, SWF
Flexible size
Customizable color for all elements
Interface options stored in separate XML file
See sample file
Possibility to redefine external XML filename
Custom font for any element feature
Events mouse over tooltip formatting
New! Customizable background & tooltip color for separate events

Bonus Pack: various event calendar templates!

With the download of Flash Calendar you get a bonus pack: Interactive background themes, including winter falling snow! Check out several interactive flash calendars below:

Rank this Interactive Web Calendar in Flash Rank this Custom Flash MX Calendar with (Christmas theme) Rank this Flash Event Calendar with new background

Configuring Personalized Calendar Events!

All events in Flash MX Calendar are stored in a simple XML file. So all you need to set manage your events and configure color schema is edit these files (no need to modify flash files). You may view sample events and styles files.


100 % Satisfaction guaranteed
3 Months FREE support and updates
Immediate Download. Install and configure in 5 minutes
100% Secure ordering
Multi-Language support
FLA sources available

Flash Calendar FAQ

1.Will I get the source files if I purchase the flash calendar?
2.Can I use your flash calendar as a part of another flash application?
3.Can I generate events form my DB or integrate with a third party software to publish my events online?
4.Do you offer installation and customization services?
Read all topics >>


Flash Calendar Manual (Adobe PDF file ~1.6 Mb)

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Contribute to Multilingual Packages!

We are looking for partners to translate Flash Calendar application and the webpage into different languages.

In return, we will provide a great discount or even release Flash Calendar for free! Contact for details


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