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Area Selector

One of the most frequent tasks web developers encounter is the organization of pages, so that web visitors can select some data and in such a way form a content of the following page. Most often we use html forms for this purpose. Indeed, until now it was the most evident method. But now we offer something absolutely new!

It is the Flash-Based Area Selector Software. We have created a new tool that can help users make a complex geo spatial selection using intuitive graphical interface.

The idea is very simple Visitors browse your map and then click the "OK" button. Right after that your script receives a list of counties a visitor has clicked. See example images further.

Area Selector is an interactive flash map of the USA with all states and counties included. It can be successfully used wherever you need your customers to select a location on the map. It is an inestimable tool for any size real estate websites, not only for companies working all over the USA because you may have Area Selector based on one or more states.

Area Selector could also be used for websites such as company listings (yellow pages), products listings, dating agencies' websites and many others.

Area Selector Flash Map  
$399 Discount Price: $199.99

  • Order the flash Area Selector now!
  • Install and configure in 5 minutes.
  • 5 Background Images for free
  • All standard map viewer functions: Zoom In, Zoom Out, Pan, Mouse over, and Zoom Layers.
  • Does not require users to download an Active X or Java applet, thus avoiding the delays and browser incompatibilities of some web map systems
  • States and Counties selector versions are now available.

Area Selector is the tool that gives a possibility to make multiple location selections all over the USA territory. It is as easy as possible! You don't need long checkbox lists and complex form pages which could scare away your visitors. From now on even those visitors who dislike filling out forms will get interested when they see something more innovative than mere forms!

In the beginning your visitors see the USA map with all the states, then click on the state and the state map with all the counties opens. Moreover, the action is beautifully animated.

Point mouse under California and click After the map of California opens, select the counties you need. Zoom and pan tools are available Return to national view. California remains highlighted. Continue to select other states

And here is where the selection begins. Selected counties become highlighted. You may return to national view and then select another state. If you have selected some counties from the state it becomes highlighted on the national view so you can see where you have made selections.

It is also possible not to open the map of counties, but only use the one with states as the base for selection, in case you do not need such a detailed view.

Area Selector saves history of your clicks during your map browsing and then, after you click the "OK" button, the list of all the states and counties selected is delivered to your script.

Product Features

  • Define color scheme to fit your design
  • Possibility to select states or counties
  • Multiple area selections
  • Zoom and pan tools

Technical Requirements

Area Selector flash map is a standalone application, which works on any computer with a flash plug-in. You should have a script file that receives data from Area Selector. It may be written in any language you prefer.

Configuration Notes

Installing and configuring Area Selector is really easy and fun. Interactive Area Selector Flash Map does not require any special software installed on your web server. It will take you only several minutes to do the following:

  • Copy the map folder contents to your website folder
  • Insert Area Selector swf object to one or several HTML pages, where you want it to be shown (use any HTML editor or edit the code manually)
  • Specify the name of your script that receives data
  • Change background image and color settings to meet your design style - state and county shape colors, opacity, mouse over settings and much more
  • Specify external data source, if you have the data for each county (Database, streaming channel, text files)

And that's it! Your map is working on your site!


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