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CountDown Timer

CountDown Timer is a unique interactive gadget for displaying time left to important public celebrations, corporate events or personal holidays: birthdays, website launch, upcoming trips, memorable days, etc.

CountDown Timer has several easily customizable skins that will suit any website design. The multitude of options allows setting any event time and fitting CountDown appearance for your website.

Editing CountDown Timer has never been so easy! All you need is to set the parameters in a simple admin panel provided in the package.

The admin panel offers 4-step installation:

  1. Choose one of the four CountDown Timer skins
  2. Set the time parameters for the component (the upcoming event, GMT offset, recurrence, etc)
  3. Set CountDown Timer visual appearance and choose the appropriate color gamma
  4. Copy the ready HTML code for pasting into your website

Try it now and see how simple it is!

In the admin mode you can preview the changes you apply to the component on the fly! No need to save changes and reload the webpage! Just set the CountDown Timer parameters and copy the code into your webpage!

Webmasters Love It!

The easy admin panel offers quick and simple CountDown Timer installation. You just need to choose the parameters and copy/paste the provided code into your website.

Flash Designers Love It!

All packages include CountDown Timer MXP component. It can be used within any other flash movie or application. The well structured properties panel of the component will allow the designer to set the parameters in several minutes.

Flash CountDown Timer Skins

4 various skins are available in the admin panel:

CountDown Skins
Mac/iPhone Skin Digital Skin
Mac Style CountDown Skin Digital Style CountDown Skin
3D Skin * Classical Skin **
3D Style CountDown Skin Base Style CountDown Skin

* - 3D Skin with dimensional letters and digits and customizable background image

** - Classical Skin with customizable background image


Countdown Timer Features

Product Features Flash Countdown Timer Widget
SWF file size only 27 kb
Flash Player version 8 and higher
Current date calculation period Unlimited
Simple management tool Admin panel
Customizable interface colors
Custom widget size
Background image Jpeg, Gif, PNG, SWF movie
Time zone and Daylight saving time
Custom label
Event title
Event background image Jpeg, Gif, PNG, SWF movie


Examples of Flash CountDown Timer Usage


Every Hour CountDown Timer
  • Mac Skin
  • Event time: 0 min  0 sec
  • Recurrence: every next hour
  • 1 minute event duration time


CountDown Timer To Every 1st Monday Of The Month
  • Digital Skin
  • Event time: the 1st Monday of the month
  • Recurrence: every month event
  • 1-day event duration time


CountDown Timer To Thanksgiving Day
  • 3 D Skin
  • Event time: the 4th Thursday of November
  • Recurrence: yearly
  • 7-day event duration time


Christmas CountDown Timer
  • Mac Skin
  • Event time: December 25
  • Recurrence: yearly
  • 6-day event duration time


Download CountDown Timer

Our Interactive CountDown Timer Widget is available in several packages:

Free Demo Basic OEM License OEM License with sources
FREE !!! Only $19.99 Only $199.99 Only $399.99
Simply set CountDown parameters in the admin panel above and copy the HTML code into your webpage

- Admin panel

- MXP component

- Sample Flash movie

- Sound effects

- Custom URLs on click.

- Admin panel

- MXP component

- Sample Flash movie

- Sound effects

- Custom URLs on click.

- Multi-domain license

- Admin panel

- Source files

- MXP component

- Sample Flash movie

- Sound effects

- Custom URLs on click.

- Multi-domain license



Order Your Custom CountDown Timer Widget

Flash CountDown Timer Package includes the standard set of skins. If you feel that the existing skins don't completely satisfy your needs and you need a custom CountDown Timer skin, that would meet your website style, contact us for custom CountDown Timer Solution. The starting customization price is $199.


It is very simple to install our CountDown Timer component to your website or insert it into a flash movie. However, if for some reason you do not want to mess with this, we can do it for you. Installation price is only $50.


Ask for a Discount!

We are looking for partners to translate CountDownwebpage into different languages.

In return, we will provide a great discount or even releaseCountDown for free! Contact us for details


CountDown Timer Manual in Questions & Answers.
(Adobe PDF file ~500 Kb)
  Detailed documentation for installation, customization, useful tips and detailed description of all product features

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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