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Magento Custom Development We are happy to announce much-awaited cooperation with Commerce-Lab.com, Magento software development company, which has been on the market since 2010. Now we will be able to deliver solutions for Magento users and exchange experience to provide even more sophisticated offers for our clients.

"We have a full range of services that would satisfy all webmasters working on Magento platform. Our store supplies a rather sufficient number of ready-to-be-used Magento extensions. But to be honest, we are more into custom development which allows more space for improvements and challenges for our development team. That's what stimulates and upgrades us all the time. And our cooperation with USFlashMap.com aims at exchanging valuable experience among developers and creating truly amazing software together. " a€“ says Victor, Commerce-Lab.com owner.

To learn more about the company a€“ click here, or go to Commerce-Lab.com

Flash Calendar Pro Upgrade


After months of development and beta-testing, Flash Calendar Pro v. 1.5. is now live and available for downloading. Step-by-step we are creating the calendar that has no rivals in the alike Flash applications. The new release was inspired by customers' ideas, comments and suggestions. Thus, now Flash CalendarPro is truely User Choice # 1!

Here is what makes the calendar even better:

  • Possibility to add Video in Admin Mode. Now you can add video from YouTube in the online administrative mode.

  • Cool Animated Design. Calendar design has always been important to us. Its interactive design allows all the interface elements highlight when you mouse over them. You can choose any color for guideness, since almost all graphic elements are customizable and can have a different color.

  • Editable Fildes. Add your own fields in calendar, change fields order and add attachments to your event!

  • Minimized view. Minimized calendar can be inserted into a small area on a website to show events in the Month View.

Flash Calendar Pro v.1.5 comes in a separate package that is available purchase on Flash Calendar Pro webpage. And our devoted clients can upgrade to version 1.5.in one of the following ways:

  1. Simple Upgrade. You can order the upgrade in your USFlashMap account. Automatically you will receive the updated package and make all the changes yourself FREE!
  2. Advanced Upgrade. If you don't want to busy yourself with changing files on your website, or need help reconfiguring DB connection, we can offer our upgrade services. Contact us with your requirements to get an estimate of your upgrade (My Account > Submit Ticket). Our upgrade service fee starts from $29,99.

Hope you'll be enjoying the calendar as a part of your website, Flash movie or any other online resource.

Launched a New Online Service


Launched new online service www.World-map-directory.com. World Map Directory is a real life resource for mapping places around the world, uploading images, sharing feedbacks, comments and meeting friends.

New Events Flash Calendar Design Options

Our Events Flash Calendar is well-known for its interactive look and feel that allows you to infrom website visitors about the upcoming events in the most customized and highly inituitive manner.

Now Flash Calendar has a NEW design option!

From this time on calendar events can be differently color-coded! And the day with multiple events will now be marked with diagonal strokes of the day events. Let your website visitors enjoy new Events Flash Calendar navigation and design option!


USA Real Estate Map Pro Update

USFlashMap Team is happy to announce the release of the updated version of USA Real Estate Map Pro.
Real Estate Map Pro V 3.0 includes the following changes:

  1. improvement of the inner functionality of the map;
  2. update of database integration (database connecting scripts);
  3. expansion of the functional possibilities of the system;
  4. regular monthly update of the city and zip databases.

We are also happy to inform that we are currently planning the further improvements of the Real Estate Pro system. The most significant of them are:

  1. development of the admin panel for more flexible map management and
  2. provision of installation and support services, customization works.

The map has great functional potential and can be used in various industries: Real Estate, Hotel and Travel, Government, Communications, Retail, Transportation, Statistics, etc.

With regard to this, we would like to know your opinions, ideas and suggestions concerning possible map improvements. Send us your recommendations! We will greatly appreciate your input into USA Real Estate Map Pro improvement and reply to all your questions and suggestions.

New CountDown Timer for Free!

We are happy to inform you that we have updated our CountDown Timer with new functionality, visual skins and timer properties!

The updated version of CountDown Timer offers:

  • a wide choice of skins and possible color scheme settings
  • GMT offset parameter
  • admin panel for easy modifications
  • simple 4-step installation

Moreover, you can now place CountDown Timer on your website for FREE!

See the details for all USFlashMap CountDown Timer Features

USFlashMap Website Update

September 02, 2010

As usual we are going hand in hand with current trends and aim at worldwide dissemination of our products. This time we have:

  • updated our website design! Now it is even more expressive and understandable! Have a comment or a suggestion for improvement? Let us know
  • released XML Locator World Map webpage in Russian, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. We appreciate the help of our current customers with translation and encourage new contributions. For more detailed information, please refer to XML Locator World Map webpage or contact us directly.
Follow our news and get the best from our Flash mapping solutions!

Flash CalendarPro Going Worldwide!

June 01, 2009

Now Flash CalendarPro is a truely global calendar solution!

With the help of our multi-language package, you can use the calendar in any other language. Simply choose the language you need and get a fully customized Flash CalendarPro in German, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

View the examples on our multi language Flash CalendarPro webpage!

You can also help us translate the webpage and get a discount for Flash CalendarPro! Contact us for more details.

New Dealer Store Locator Map Design

March 29, 2009

Dealer Store Locator can now easily match any website design.

Now you can choose among more than 40 ready-to-use Dealer Store Locator background themes!

In addition to it, we have added 3 innovative Icon Packages you can easily add to your Dealer Locator Map :


Embellish Your Website with the Updated Multi-Functional Flash Clock!

March 04, 2009

sample flash clock
JavaScript Required

USFlasMap has prepared a nice spring present for the customers - the updated multi-functional Flash Clock with advanced clock properties:

  • a wide range of color scheme settings
  • daylight saving time
  • GMT offset parameter
  • admin panel for easy modifications

Now you can place on your website numerous Flash Clock widgets with different time, background pictures and individual sound effect!

See the details for USFlashMap Flash Clock New Features


Meet the Updated and Improved USA Real Estate Map Pro!

February 06, 2009

With the idea of constant improvement, USFlashMap has recently updated USA Real Estate Map Pro and is happy now to introduce its new features:

  • more convenient data base structureNew
  • updated server scriptsNew
  • search featuresNew
  • GridBox window addedNew
  • InfoBox window addedNew
  • local and 2 data base driven samples addedNew

We have also added 14-day DEMO Version for you to fully enjoy the benefits of Real Estate Map Pro!


Special Christmas Discounts!

December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

We are happy to offer you our CHRISTMAS DISCOUNTS! Now you have a chance to get wonderful flash maps for a low price. Our discounts range from 25% to 45% and are going to last till January, 10th, 2008!

Christmas Price
Flash Calendar Single License
Flash Calendar Pro Standard
Flash Calednar Pro Business
Real Estate Map
Dealer Locator Map
Real Estate Map Pro
World Map Light
World Map Basic
World Map Pro
Area Selector
CountDown Timer


So, don't miss a chance to purchase our interactive Flash Maps and components at most favourable prices!!!


Video Tutorials on Flash Calendar Pro

November 16, 2009

Now working with Flash Calendar Pro has become even easier!!!

With our customers in mind, we have created two video tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to work with Flash Calendar Pro: Managing Events Manually and Adding Calendar to HTML Page.

Simply click on the Play Button and get detailed instructions on the work with Flash Calendar Pro!


USFlashMap at Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum

November 6, 2008

The team of USFlashMap is constantly improving its services and products, keeping up with the brand new changes that take place in the developing web environment. Our products turn out to be a useful supplement for every business imaginable. This is justified by a great number of interested customers who visited the Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum on November, 1-2

Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum is an annual event in the country. Its main purpose is to show the ever-growing potential of Ukrainian and East-European countries in attracting outsourcing services. One of branches that were represented this year were IT development, interactive mapping, internet GIS and custom Flash/Flex apps.

Among the numerous participants USFlashMap has decently presented its achievements in interactive mapping , up-coming projects and further scope of work. All the visitors had an opportunity to talk to our developers and get in-sight look in the work of flash maps.

We are grateful to the organisers of the forum for giving us a chance to show the results of our labour, communicate with our potential clients and get a feedback from the customers.


Meet the Updated Version of Flash Mega Zoom!

August 21, 2008

Now it is possible to view high-resolution images with the updated version of Flash Mega Zoom. In addition to its basic features, some new have been added. So that now

  • installation package goes with source files included
  • Megazoom has active flash buttons in SWF
  • it can be used in HTML pages
  • you can add Flash Mega Zoom to Flash movies
  • it is possible to change the navigator size
  • moreover you can adjust initial and maximum zoom levels!

See the details for this flash component!


Meet Three New Flash Components!

February 10, 2008

Create your own dynamic and nice website header in seconds using Flash XML Menu. It is a perfect flash tool that does not require Flash knowledge at all to make it work! See the Flash XML Menu details…

Flash Magnifying Glass is a very interesting example of common things being digitalized. Now you can view your online images or flash movies using a beautiful flash magnifier! See the details for this flash component!

Represent online events in a fresh and dynamic manner! Do it with the help of CountDown Timer in Flash. See the details for this flash component!


Custom Solutions section is now available

January 17, 2008

New website section "Custom Solutions" was established to feature Custom Flash Mapping Projects, including Sunrise RMF™ based projects .

Now you can see what we create besides flash mapping products and flash components. You will surely benefit from this section if you consider customising existing products or require effective solution for your unique business (and thus require custom development services).

We still have a whole bunch of projects that are not yet represented on our website. Look for the updates in the news section. You will learn much interesting about our most up-to-date flash products and development here.

Get the top rated information on our flash products and be one step ahead of your competitors. Enjoy!

USFlashMap Awards!

January 11, 2008

USFlashMap Awards one more time prove the reliability and quality of our interactive flash maps and flash components.

Check out our flash products awards!


Interactive Administrative Area For Your Flash Calendar.

December 26, 2008

Post your events online as easy as it is possible. Update your online flash calendar with the advanced Administrative Area. Flash Calendar Administrative Area is an intuitive and multifunctional flash tool that will help you not only add events to the flash calendar, but also change the look and feel of your interactive flash tool.

Change your flash calendar settings and events in seconds! Don't go changing those text files. Use the Flash Calendar Administrative Area.

Now you are welcome to try Flash Calendar Administrative Area for free!

Special Christmas Discounts!

November 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We are happy to grant you a special discount on most of our products and services for the whole Christmas season from November 23 to December 31.

Don't miss the chance to purchase our interactive Flash Maps and component at the most favorable price! Find more!

Rich Mapping Framework

November 11, 2007

Brand new Rich Mapping Framework allows creating lightweight interactive flash maps of any structure, style, and features. RMF system opens new horizons in flash map building. The Framework is a new approach to implementing custom solutions. It enhances your business as well as ensures perfect visual presentation of your information.

The flash map may include as many levels as you need, with high level of detail

National view with roll over the State of Utah
State view of California with the county roll over
Detailed state view with the county roll over

With the help of RMA it has become possible to create interactive and multi level flash maps of any country around the Globe.

...ranging from the detailed and sophisticated flash map of Russia...

...to an accurate and multifunctional map of Nigeria.

National view of Nigeria

Detailed view of a district in Nigeria



RMF based flash maps set practically no technical limits to your imagination and your needs.

Flash News Scroller - new version of the flash widget released.

Plug-in example
RSS News Feed from CNN

XML Driven Flash News Reader is now enabled with RSS Feed Plug-in, which allows not only publishing company or individual events, news, press releases, but also incorporate other RSS News Feeds.

You may install this tiny widget to your website today, because it is absolutely free this summer! Free Trial Version is available for download.


USA Climate Summary Map

June 19, 2006

Click on the image to take a look at the gorgeously arranged Climate Flash Map!

XML-based Flash Map developed by our company is now applied to displaying climate overview of the US territory.

Our interactive map gives immediate picture of the temperature, precipitation and natural disaster rates. Its diverse functionality allows showing different aspects of the information simultaneously: division to climate zones by color, weather icons set according to long/lat coordinates, clickable list of states and icons, Zoom in and Zoom out for a certain climate zone and much more.

Checking out the weather and climate has become a real fun together with USA Climate Summary Map!


New Era of the Internet Data Presentation!

May 16, 2006

XML Locator World - is a new era in the Internet data presentation. Technological innovations in connection with outstanding functionality and design make XML Locator irreplaceable for the visualization of locations, zones, and regions worldwide!

Click on the image to start enjoying our flash map as much as we do!

Watch our XML Locator World in action

May 16, 2006

We invite you to have a look at our XML Locator World performing several different tasks. Click on the images below and see everything with your own eyes!

Locate a hotel! Check out your zone! Locate a Mitsubishi Office!

Awesome design solutions for the Real Estate Map and Dealer Locator!

April 12, 2006

Arrange your Flash Map the way YOU see it!
Easily create skins for your Real Estate or Dealer Locator interactive map or oder them from us . It has become an easy thing to do while now appearance of the Flash Map does not depend on its contence. You can create or download dozens of different skins and change them even every day without downloading the whole flash map.

Besides it is now possible to change state colors regardless of their colors on the national view. Use your opportunity and brighten up your interactive map by adding more colors.

Make state and county names visible or invisible. Customize the visibility using special parameters in order to keep the state abbreviations visible, without showing the county names

Trial Versions for Flash Products are now available!

January 16, 2006

USFlashMap once again proves its leading positions on the market of Interactive Maps by making one more step towards its customers.

Our win-win philosophy and customer oriented approach resulted in 100% Satisfaction program, and evaluation licenses in particular. Now you can download and try a fully functional Interactive Flash Map for your website or PC absolutely Free. We provide with 14-days evaluation period license and a fully functional version of Real Estate USA Map, Dealer Locator, and other products for your Windows, Mac or Linux platform.

National Relocation and Community Directory in now powered with Flash Maps!

November 24, 2005

XML Driven flash mapping framework was developed for ePartner USA, Inc., leading USA relocation services network.

Implemented in Macromedia Flash Studio 8, flash maps for ePartner demonstrate how simple and elegant GIS application can be. Each state is broken down into regions for easier navigation. List of the cities and regions will always help distinguish objects by name.

What else to say... have a look yourself: www.FloridaWebPage.com, www.ArizonaWebPage.com and the rest of the states.

Наша Авто Разборка razborka-volkswagen.com.ua !

November 24, 2015

Наша разборка:
Наша авторазборка: Вы можете купить запчасти из германии в наличии и под заказ: Volkswagen Caddy, VW Touran, VW Golf 5, VW Passat, Skoda Octavia все 2004-2010 г.в. Условия доставки: Действует система скидок для СТО и постоянных клиентов! Доставка в любой город Украины. Оплата при получении товара. Тажке есть склады в Киеве и Полтаве.

CRM Application employs Flash Map for GIS data visualization

October 19, 2005

Flash Map becomes a part of the CRM application, developed for the telecommunication company. Major challenge was enabling company analysts to locate and track locations, open projects and other issues across the USA regions, state and even on the local level.

Telcom XML-Based Flash Map became a flexible GIS tool, to visualize general network state, monitor connections and location statuses. All locations are plotted on the Mercator projection map, using their Long/Lat coordinates, or zip-codes. State shapes are dynamically grouped basing on the customer data, to allow maximal flexibility.

In addition, US LATA Map (Local Access Transport Area Map) was added to assure maximal self-descriptiveness of the mapping software.

EuroVision 2005 official website is now open!

April 5, 2005

"EuroVision-2005" European song contest administration announced launch of their official website.
"As promised, tonight, we have opened our official website, with many content sections for mass-media and foreign visitors. Website also provides information about musicians, country and city guide. Website URL is www.eurovision.ua" - said Ekaterina Pryshchepa, Web-Communication department.

Website development and Technical Implementation was done by FutureVision.com.ua

Voting process will be visualized with online interactive flash maps of Europe and each country, showing current votes and ranking of each country. This part of the project is being developed by USFlashMap.com - interactive flash map provider.

Online broadcast is also planned to be available from the website, with featured hosts: Ruslana, (EuroVision2004 winner), and Volodymyr Klitschko!

USFlashMap.com has got New Brand Identity!

April 1, 2005

Industry Leader is supposed to be an example in everything and hold positions: quality of service, innovations and research, company image. We grew up, and position commits: USFlashMap has got a new logo, corporate style, and website designed by FutureVision.

Also, we would be glad to hear your thoughts regarding our new "face". Send us a short email with your impression and suggestions.

It's not just a change in image - we have also changed content structure, added more product descriptions and extended our gallery. As usually, we are glad to provide you with a Free quote and suggestions how to implement our products on your website or in custom projects.

Toll Free: 1 877 9US MAPS
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