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Company Profile

USFlashMap.com was established in 1999 and since that time has been constantly growing and excelling in the services it provides.

The key to our success lies in our deep understanding of 2 key aspects for successful business - leadership and professionalism.

Impossible is possible: We created the atmosphere of leadership in every square inch of our office to encourage support, creativity, new ideas, maximum motivation of each team member and we accept challenges that others think are impossible. No one used flash as vector technology for Internet GIS in the United States. We were the first to developed USA Flash Map with counties, Database Driven map of the United States to allow maximal flexibility, and many others.

The world belongs to those, who are devoted to their dreams. It's a fact. Every success requires a piece of madness. Nothing is so worthy in the virtual world as ideas.

Through leadership we encourage solutions for business expansion and growth. Ideas come from people, our biggest asset. To make ideas work, professional knowledge, skills and attitude are needed. We have both. And we are at your service.

Mission and Values

Information and communication technologies now find themselves among the most powerful agents for change in any advanced society. Higher levels of ICT adoption in business stimulate productivity growth and improve competitiveness. It contributes greatly to exchange information oversea in a sole instant introducing new opportunities, challenges and innovations.

Our Mission

Raising the prestige of country on the global IT-markets as measured by:

  • Successful product implementation and deployment of IT-projects for our clients;
  • FlashMap service infrastructure development.

The core principles to help us implement our mission are rooted in our fundamental company values.

Our values substantiate:

  • Maintaining of win-win relationship with all of our clients that adds value to their operations;
  • Helping our customers generate more business due to increased market penetration;
  • Increasing operational productivity which saves your money;
  • Improving our corporate identity leading to greater success.

Our Values

Corporate identity oriented:

  • Leadership
  • Achievement of lofty aims;
  • Business development and professional growth;
  • Taking pleasure in work and its outcome;
  • Efficient team work and mutual respect among team members;
  • Being proud of our job;
  • Devotion to work, enthusiasm;
  • Initiative;
  • Result-orientation;
  • Constant improvements and innovations;

Customer oriented:

  • Professionalism and specialization;
  • Continuous perfection of products and services;
  • Strong relationships with both clients and partners;
  • Effective communication with clients;
  • Maintaining considerate attitude towards our clients closely adhering to our own opinion;
  • Flexibility, ability to promptly and adequately respond to changes;
  • Reliability.

We are firmly committed to our mission and devoted to our values helping our clients discover and focus on the infinite opportunities that lie ahead.

Company Ownership
  • Privately Held Company (Webex, LLC, established in 1999)
  • 10-20 people (IT Education, 5+ year in the industry)
Core Competences
  • Creating software products for web using interactive technologies.
  • Interactive Mapping (GIS)
  • Calendar Solutions (Time)
  • Various Widgets and Flash MXP Components
  • Outsourcing company IT needs in the field of web applications
  • ActionScript 2.0/3.0, Flash/Flex IDE
  • J2EE, JS, Google Web Toolkit
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