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Over one thousand companies, organizations and government agencies around the world have chosen USFlashMap products basing on professionalism and the quality of work. Maintaining only win-win relationship with all our clients is the key to our success. We are determined to foster long-time relationships with our clients and deliver the best services ever found.

Here are some of the many companies that use USFlashMap products:

Real Estate & Mortgage

IT Development, Consulting &Web design

  • Affordable Housing Network, LLC
  • Burroughs & Chapin Company, Inc.
  • Elookyloo.com
  • EPartner USA, Inc.
  • HomeChoice.com
  • I Will Buy Your Home Now
  • Katahdin Log Homes
  • Kuoni.com
  • LoanAgentsLive.com
  • MRW Systems, Inc.
  • NextAce Corporation
  • Norman-Hubbard & Associates
  • PlacesRated.ExpertChoice.com
  • Red Vision Systems, Inc.
  • Rtsnashville.org
  • Advanced Access
  • Click Culture
  • Dotcom Development Ltd
  • Envirocon Technologies, Inc.
  • EveryWare Inc.
  • Flash XL.com
  • Hallmark design
  • HistoricMarkers.com
  • InstallingDealer.com
  • MadDevelopment
  • MediaMacros, Inc.
  • Vertex Computer Systems, Inc.
  • Vivid Candi.com
  • Weblabs Technologies
  • Xplornet Internet Services

Law and Finance

Manufacturing and Production

  • Bayshore Solutions
  • Edgeworth Financial Services
  • ETAC Finance, LLC
  • Farm Credit
  • Freedom House
  • Global M&A.com
  • Honor Flight network
  • Jackson Lewis LLP
  • Lawinfo.com
  • Lawyer Central
  • Malta Financial Services Authority
  • MBA bubes
  • Pak-A-Sak .com
  • Steptoe & Johnson LLP
  • United REO.com
  • Cascade Microtech, Inc.
  • Clear Carbon Consulting Inc.
  • Darling International Inc.
  • ERTMS.com
  • Flir.com
  • Fusion Tech Castolin Eutectic
  • Igus.com
  • LSG Sky Chefs
  • MISTRAS Group
  • MTC Services Inc
  • Sexton Plumbing Company
  • Smiths Detection
  • Vaccon Company, Inc
  • VAC-CON.com
  • Washington Consulting

Branding and Marketing

Media and Entertainment

  • Allstar Recovery
  • Beatrijs
  • Creek Systems, Inc.
  • DayBreakDirect
  • EEM
  • E-magine Networks, Inc.
  • Englewood
  • Essex Corporation
  • ReoMac
  • Skeet-R-Gone
  • Spirent
  • Timba Marketing
  • CharterMediaCentral
  • Comparelivemusic.com
  • Dalet Digital Media Systems
  • iBanknet.com
  • International Film Festival Rotterdam
  • Peavey.com
  • PlaySam.com
  • SkyDivingTickets
  • Tessada Associates, Inc.
  • Wick Communications
  • WMS Max Your Edge



  • Carlson School of management
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Ecolution Trail.com
  • Pearson Education.com
  • Rate Your Study Abroad
  • ValuTeachers .com
  • Aasted mikroverk.com
  • Bell's Beer.com
  • Champps.com
  • JMK.dk
  • The Righteous Bean
  • WIV Wein International AG


Customers Worldwide

  • American Academy of Dermatology
  • America's Health Team LLC
  • Avastra.com
  • Krasobru.com
  • MedBusiness.net
  • MedPlus.com
  • NeuroSensoryCenters
  • Obesity Directory
  • Sharp.com
  • Sotto Pelle Life
  • The Children's Mite
  • WisdomTeethOnly.com
  • Atlixco.com (Mexico)
  • Chuyên Su Pham (Vietnam)
  • Diving Club.com (Poland)
  • eDnevnik.com (Slovenia)
  • ENLACE.com (Mexico)
  • Hawaiiantowns.com (Japan)
  • Heinrich Böll Stiftung (Germany)
  • Motosiklet.net (Turkey)
  • Netzsch - Grinding & Dispersing (Germany)
  • ökodach98.de (Germany)
  • University of Saarland (Germany)
  • Universite catholique de Louvain (Belgium)

Customer Testimonials:

On behalf of ePartner USA, Inc., I want to once again express our appreciation to the USFlashMap team for the working relationship we have enjoyed during the past couple of years. The projects have been delivered in a professional manner. Their work is top-notch and the programming/coding team is to be commended.

We have other projects that will be sent by RFP for 2006.  It is hoped that we might continue our excellent business arrangement in a manner mutually beneficial to the parties.


Donald S. Teel - President & CEO. ePartner USA, Inc. www.ePartnerUSA.com


Couldn't be happier with me choice of USFlashMap and plan on using them for all my web design needs in the future. They did an unbelievable job and are a pleasure to work with. We have already seen a significant increase in sales and traffic primarily due to the new web site and products.

Craig M. Banaszewski
President, VIP Getaways Inc.



Without a doubt, US Flash Map is at the top of the game for incorporating flash dimesion products. Faced with a very unique situation for building a customized mapping system for our search directory, the Team at US Flash Map stepped up to the plate and hit a grand slam!!!

Their project timeline was on the money and they were very competively priced.
Way to go !!!! You and your team delivered above and beyond expectations.

Bill Mies



At DrinkingAndDriving.Org - Prevention Education Assistance, we had a tremendous amount of statistical data which we needed to present in a simple and compelling way to our audience. After looking at several products, we chose USFlashMap's USA Real Estate Map. This map is so configurable that any organization working with geographic data can use it to create a unique experience for their guests. Don't let the name fool you! There are many more ways to use this product than selling real estate. While we configured the map ourselves, the sales and support team was more than helpful. We could not be more pleased with the impact USFlashMap's USA Real Estate Map makes.

Allen D. Porter


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